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I was inspired by a horror movie that I watched last night, believe it or not :) 

This is one of my old drawings, off course inspired by ancient Egypt. This is by fare my favourite drawing :)

I just thought that I show you some pencil drawings, I used drawings to handle emotions in my young teens. I tend to let the dark side out this way, it is more productive.

Always remember practise makes Perfect!
A reflection of my mind this day..



Top 10 Text Effects
These Tutorials are *Not mine, just the image above this text :)

These are just a few of the text effects which I really Like, and the Tutorial on how to create them yourself.

Tutorials are great lessons, that will surely improve any Photoshopper's talents. As they say practice makes perfect. In each of these tutorials there are some great tips, so dig in. These are advanced tutorials, so you will need to know a little bit before you dig into them. But they will inspire you as well as pulling out the best artist in you.

Tutorial Number 1.

How to Create an Ice Text Effect with Photoshop

TUTORIAL BY Gianluca Giacoppo

To be creative can be a real frosty thing, especially when it is layered built ;)


Tutorial Number 2.

How to Create a Layered Glowing text Effect


Layer upon layer will truly give inspiration ;)


Tutorial Number 3.

How to Create an splashing water Effect.

                                                            TUTORIAL BY  ?

Let the water fall upon your words.
My Version at the Top.


Tutorial Number 4.

How to Create a Fantastic Color 3D Text Effect

TUTORIAL BY   Wojciech Pijecki

Dreams are made of colors and poetry, splash it on the wall so that it must be ;)

Part 1
Part 2

Tutorial Number 5.

How to Create a Slick Super Natural Text Effect


Into the Super Natural abyss we fall, and what letters do we see as we fall...

Tutorial Number 6.

How to Create a Tasty 3D Effect

TUTORIAL BY  Mark Mayers

Sweets for my Sweet, sugar for my honey.. Jummie..


Tutorial Number 7.

How to Create a Stunning 3D Effect

TUTORIAL BY  Francesco Mugnai

Blow your mind away with your own explosion of light.


Tutorial Number 8.

How to Create a Grunge style Abstract typography


Stamp your Name into the metal and make it last forever.


Tutorial Number 9.

How to Create a text Drop into water Effect


Drop your letters into the water, and extract an inspiring image.


Tutorial Number 10.

How to Create an Awesome Desert Ruin 3D Effect


Make your Text Epic, this tutorial takes it to yet another level. Give your Words Life.


Dark Waters

Pretty self explanatory :)
- Space Activity -

Much happens, where there is nothing..

When Powerful forces meet - Matter meets Matter

Planet Eater

A planet being ripped apart from within by a greater external force, such as a black hole.

This is my attempt to make a realistic star field from scratch, meaning there are no pictures used.

Let the Music take you to another dimension.

The Picture of the model was taken by Alena Ozerova from Ukraine

Old Paper Bunch

This Graphic "Pack FBI Brown Paper Files" contains:

2 pieces of old styled paper
Old dirty envelopes
Small manuskript note paper

Preview Image